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Hope Again provides pre and post-release services to help the incarcerated re-integrate into their communities and successfully find employment, housing, health care, and related services such as mental health and substance abuse treatment if needed.

Services for the Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated

Hope Again case managers meet with interested individuals and together they develop a needs assessment and service plan. Hope Again offers:

  • Employment assistance, including resume preparation, employer referrals, and job readiness funding
  • Help obtaining work uniforms, tools, transportation, and job training scholarships
  • Emergency assistance, including food, clothing, and financial assistance with rent and utilities.
  • Counseling to help deal with emotional and cognitive effects of incarceration.
  • Workshops on topics of interest such as Tax Preparation, Budgeting, Restoring Your Driver’s License, Self-Esteem and Job Interviews
  • Family Assistance Programs

Addiction Recovery

Studies show that a majority of inmates are incarcerated as a direct or indirect result of addiction. Hope Again staff and volunteers offer a variety of addiction recovery classes and meetings to address this need, including:

- Addiction Education/Introduction to 12 Steps

- Cocaine Anonymous

- Narcotics Anonymous

- Relapse Prevention 

Education and Life Skills

We offer a range of classes that help the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated grow in their life skills and educational capabilities:

- Parenting

- Anger Management

- Decision Making

- English as a Second Language (ESL) taught by local volunteer instructors

- Literacy Tutoring 

- Introductory classes in computer skills, job readiness, and basic financial planning

- Health Empowerment

Spiritual Enrichment

Staff and volunteer chaplains serve the inmates of the local County Detention Facilities by working to meet their spiritual needs. This is a ministry of one-on-one listening, prayer, and care-giving. For many inmates, the level of fear, confusion, and personal disappointment they face is high. Many take comfort in the guidance provided by a chaplain’s compassionate care.

Worship services and Bible studies are also provided for inmates who desire to attend.

Services for the Families of the Incarcerated

Families are often challenged by the incarceration of a loved one. They experience a major sense of loss, both practical and emotional. The loss of income can destabilize a family and lead to homelessness. The change in family dynamics can erode the possibility of successful restoration of the inmate in the family unit. Children can suffer significant emotional impairment when a parent or sibling is incarcerated. To address these and other issues, Hope Again offers family members additional support such as:

  • Family Support Group
  • School Supplies
  • Family Ties Project—holiday gifts for children of Hope Again clients
  • Referrals to appropriate resources if substance abuse or mental health issues are of concern