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Q. Who does Hope Again serve?

A. Hope Again works with persons involved in the criminal justice system and their families, specifically within Eastern North Carolina.

Q. What is the mission of Hope Again?
A: Our mission is to share God's love and provide a range of programs to the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated men and women and their families in order to empower them to make positive changes in their lives.

Q. What are Hope Again's core values?

A. Our core values are:

  • Belief in the transformational power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Empathy
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Belief that people can change
  • Passion for our mission

Q: Why does Hope Again need my support?
A: Small contributions from many donors are the primary source of funds for direct assistance services. These contributions enable the formerly incarcerated or their family members to:

  •     Preserve or obtain housing
  •     overcome the financial challenges associated with release
  •     Meet the expenses of keeping a job, such as transportation, tools, and uniforms
  •     Meet critical expenses such as electric or heating bills
  •     Enroll in a college course or job training to improve work skills

Q: How does Hope Again help people in my community?
A: Putting resources into restoring the formerly incarcerated to become productive citizens is a good investment for the future. Diverting misdemeanor offenders into community service programs saves the court time and reduces jail costs.
Hope Again improves opportunities for the formerly incarcerated to positively transition back into the community by assisting them to develop self-sufficiency, avoid future criminal activity, and maintain sobriety. Misdemeanor offenders, who perform community service instead of serving time or other sanctions, give back to the community in a positive way. The formerly incarcerated ultimately develop an optimistic attitude toward the community and their role in it, rather than feeling punished by the "system."  
Volunteers from the community feel positive about preventing crime and helping the formerly incarcerated to become better citizens. They further assist the families of the incarcerated.  
Additionally, Hope Again programs prevent crime by the formerly incarcerated who have been restored to productive lifestyles. They also save taxpayers money that might have been spent for jail time, additional court time, and other services to mitigate the negative effects of criminal behavior. 

Q: Does Hope Again participate in research relationships?
A: Hope Again is eager to participate in research activity that helps to evaluate our programs, provides insight into the needs of the clients we serve, and/or helps us determine client recidivism rates.  

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