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Join the Fellowship of the Twelve


Twelve is an amazing number!  It was a number that Jesus used quite remarkably.  The Fellowship of the Twelve is a vibrant group of servant leaders/Believers who love the Lord and love Hope Again of North Carolina. They are churches, pastors, ministers, and individuals/faith partners, just like you, who believe in the transformative power of Jesus Christ and partner with Hope Again in giving "the least, the lost, and the left behind" (i.e., the incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, and their families) hope, strength, and the skills to build a new life.


Members of the Fellowship of the Twelve give twelve times a year to support the operations and programs of Hope Again of North Carolina.    Believers are invited to join the Fellowship of the Twelve by giving a monthly contribution of at least $30.00 to support our ongoing programs and/or operations.


Help us Demonstrate the True Power of God's Love by making the Gospel of Jesus Christ truly accessible to all and proclaiming to all that, "Together, We Can Make a Difference."


Ways You Can Help Support Hope Again of NC

1. You can click on the DONATE button, make a donation and indicate that you would like to make a recurring monthly gift.
2.You can print out the "DONATION FORM", and mail it to our office, along with your gift, indicating that you would like to join the "Fellowship of the Twelve".
3.You can pray for those we serve.  Jesus commands us to pray. God's plans are beyond our imagination, and the work is impossible apart from Him. The need for God to send laborers into the harvest fields and prepare the hearts of those trying to turn their lives around requires our prayers and constant intercession.
4. You can pray for wisdom, for discernment, for health, and for energy for us as we seek His leadership.
5.You can ask your church to add a line item in their annual budget for Hope Again of North Carolina for ongoing needs, to raise a congregational offering monthly, or to give a one-time gift.
6.You can ask your church to give us the opportunity to share how God is using Hope Again to transform the lives, through the power of God's love, of the incarcerated, formerly incarcerated and their families. We are available on any Sunday or weekday evening.